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UltraSlim® is the only noninvasive device that is FDA-cleared for immediate fat loss.

In multi-site clinical trials, patients lost an average of 1,580cc of fat in just 32 minutes (3.5" combined waist, hips, and thighs), with 98% of patients losing at least two inches (see NCT02867150 at

Made by Providers for Providers

UltraSlim® was FDA-cleared in 2015 and was invented in 2011 by Terry J. Ward, M.H.A., a fat loss provider in central Florida with a whole lot of problems.

At that time, he was using a fat reduction device that boasted patients would lose two inches, in three weeks, with seven office visits. “Patients got results but weren’t happy and did not come back for more treatments or refer other patients.”

Terry knew that if his business was going to survive, he would have to use a better machine.

However, all of the other fat loss devices that he considered shared disturbing side effects, terrible provider support, and patients had to wait 12-16 weeks before they saw even minimal results.

Terry resolved to make something better, a fat loss device and business model made by providers, for providers.


The patented UltraSlim® mechanism of action delivers a unique, high-powered red light, which tricks the adipocyte into responding as if it was a time of famine. The fat cell’s membrane is disrupted, resulting in temporary pores which allow the fat to escape.

With UltraSlim®, patients lose the fat permanently through a natural bodily function known as "lipolysis." The contents of the fat cells are excreted primarily in the patient’s waste, as part of the body’s natural detoxification.

UltraSlim® operates at a cellular level and does not generate heat as part of the mechanism of action, but is instead part of an extremely complex, cascading photochemical mechanism. UltraSlim® is rated as Risk Group 1 -- the safest category of medical devices. Completely noninvasive, UltraSlim® has never shown any side effects and patients do not experience any discomfort.

"I would never buy or use a product until I know for sure, it will do no harm to my patients…" Dr. Marks

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FDA Clearances and Other Accreditations

Ward Photonics is dedicated to the quality, safety, and effectiveness of our products. We have taken every step to ensure that our systems, processes, services, and products meet and exceed the highest standards for medical device manufacturers set by the International Organization for Standardization.


UltraSlim® has two FDA clearances and is indicated for immediate fat reduction, treatment of the skin, and reduction of pain and inflammation.

FDA clearances

Ward Photonics has three U.S. patents and has patents pending in 146 countries for our breakthrough UltraSlim® invention.

All Ward Photonics devices are built in the USA and carefully sourced from American suppliers.

UltraSlim® Specifications

Passive Income

UltraSlim® is an excellent source of passive income. We train your technicians to educate patients, sell services, and perform the treatments without the need for direct physician supervision. Providers like Dr. Abraham love to hear their staff report:

“ can't possibly imagine how busy we are! We have sold 45 packages of UltraSlim in 45 days [$135,000 MSRP]. We have just been so busy lately we haven't had time to think.”


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Price Protection

All UltraSlim® providers agree to observe best practice advertising, with no discount pricing.

We train our providers to compete based on their qualifications, reputation, and location, but never based on price.

If you see a lower price advertised, just let us know and we will enforce our Terms of Service to protect you and all of our providers.

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The UltraSlim® comes with a next-day replacement guarantee, 7 days-a-week support, and remote or hands-on training.

“Last year, our first system was booked out 40 hours a week, two months in advance when we had a problem with our unit. I was really worried when I called Tech Support. Ward Photonics overnighted a replacement light and arm assembly. It only took 10 minutes to change over. I ordered a second system that week! UltraSlim® has been a game changer for our practice.”

Dr. Rugoff

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Additional Indications For Use

In addition to immediate fat reduction, UltraSlim® is indicated for use in dermatology for the treatment of superficial, benign vascular, and pigmented lesions.

UltraSlim® is also indicated for the treatment of pain and inflammation.

Touchless Transformations®

Without touching the skin, our therapeutic products treat the patient using special types of patented light to achieve photobiomodulation in the patient’s skin and fat cells.

Our therapeutic products immediately reduce fat, reduce cellulite, and/or improve the skin’s appearance.

Our UltraSuite® 3D Imaging Workstation provides touchless measurements and automated volumetric analysis, making a powerful selling tool and completing the suite for truly Touchless Transformations®.

Call to learn how Touchless Transformations® can be implemented in your practice.

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